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Staxus Classic: BB Skin Flick - Scene 2 - Remastered in HD

Duration: 1min 06sec Views: 12 269 Submitted: 5 years ago
Description: Johnny Salem is the blushing, shy twink; the aptly named Mr. Rush is his older, more confident stud of a friend. Needless to say, you don’t need a degree in porn studies to realise where this particular casting is going or whose ass-hole is going to be doing all the accommodating. For all such predictability, however, there’s no denying that this is a super-hot vignette – made yet more impressive by the fact that Rush is such a gorgeous, horse-hung stud. Indeed, is it any wonder that Salem gets swept off his feet by him in the opening moments? How many of us could resist a swipe at that handsome beauty between his legs, after all? As such, a demure virgin stands absolutely no chance; and having initially been shown what to do by Rush, is soon replicating the oral honours on the stud like it was his life’s mission! Of course, we all know that a sexual predator like Rush only really has one objective in all of this; and needless to say it’s not long before the fellow’s mission is nearing completion, having bundled the twink onto his back and parted his legs in order to gain full, uninhibited access to his fuck-hole. And boy does he go for it, rimming and fingering the tight little pucker into submission before finally slamming every inch of his oversized shaft deep inside. In response, Salem seems to come into his own at this point, riding the phallus like a bitch and eventually squirting quite a significant load of hot jizz all over his belly. All of which just leaves time for Rush to seal the cash by dumping the contents of his heavy balls into the young bitch’s mouth. In a word, fantastic!