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Young innocent gets kidnapped and assaulted - Ennio Guardi and Yuri Adamov

Duration: 1min 06sec Views: 2 017 Submitted: 5 years ago
Description: Anyone who's ever thought that Ennio Guardi was just some benign muscle-god will almost certainly have their presumptions challenged big time at the start of this sinister encounter with Yuri Adamov. Gone is the guy's usual smiley, happy-go-lucky manner – replaced by a creepy, calculating persona, which is soon kidnapping Adamov in broad daylight and dragging the unconscious lad through the woods to a disused warehouse. There the youngster is subjected to a rather terrifying ordeal, which quickly results in him pissing himself – something that very clearly presses all the right buttons for Guardi, who is soon jerking himself off in appreciation before thrusting his raging hard-on down his victim's throat! It's at this point, of course, that you'd probably be expecting the young Russian to be putting up more of a fight. In total contrast, however, Adamov seems to enjoy the torment being thrown in his direction – which includes having his cock smacked and balls twisted. But the young fellow's true pleasure only really begins when he gets to sit on his assailant's dick, riding Guardi's flagpole like a pro and gasping in twinkish delight as he does so. That, if anything, only seems to encourage the stud all the more; as Guardi continues to plough into the boy from a whole range of positions, ultimately resulting in Adamov's dick erupting violently in all directions. That just leaves Guardi to conclude his business by spewing all over the lad's cute, innocent face, coating the sweetie's hair with a fine spray of goo and in the process concluding Adamov's complete humiliation!