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Jake Olsen - Mike Branco

Duration: 4min 13sec Views: 128 Submitted: 6 months ago
Description: Jake Olsen is famed for his long twink cock and the big swollen helmet at the end of it. It's not the kind of dick a young man like him can hide very well, especially in little shorts like the ones he likes to wear when he's on his daily run. In truth he's found a few new friends thanks to his dick slipping out, but today it seems the park is empty and the chances of picking someone up for some BoyFun are slim. It's okay, Jake knows his roommate Mike Branco is home and after a quick shower he's back in his shorts ready to go and tempt the blond boy into something hot and steamy. It doesn't take much at all. With his shorts back on he visits his friend's room and within moments his tasty length is spilling out of the leg hole. Mike isn't the kind of boy to turn down such a brazen opportunity and while he gets to work sucking on that delicious long twink cock we have to wonder why Jake was hoping for a pick up in the park when he's got such an affable friend at home. Mike's equally impressive young cock is just as delicious, something Jake knows all too well as he worships his friend's inches, working his way around to probe between Mike's ass cheeks. With a little lapping of the boy's hole Jake's cock is replacing his tongue, prodding deep and raw, fucking his roommate in a very sensual spooning. Mike's cock loves it even more when he's riding his friend, his big pink shaft bouncing around between his thighs while he slides up and down on the long twink meat. His friend can drive that bareback cock even deeper when he's on his back, poking his prostate perfectly and encouraging his pal to a cum gushing climax that leaves Mike's stomach bathed in milky cream. The smell and sight of his buddy's juicy release is all young Jake needs. Moments later he's glazing the cute boy's face with the gooey warm mess erupting from his own long member. Maybe next time Jake will find a new friend to bring back from the park for a threesome?
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